About Us

TheraSimplicity brings resources and tools together in one easy-to-use system. Therapists can utilize already created worksheets or customize their own materials to prepare for sessions without the bother of having to cut, paste and copy to provide the materials for their clients.

Because TheraSimplicity is an online application our users can access at any location with internet access. With materials saved on our servers therapists are also able to access previously created and saved material by simply logging in. View a short Overview Video here.


TheraSimplicity is dedicated to providing ongoing, updated, relevant content and functions to increase the quality of therapeutic services and materials while reducing the time required in doing so. It is the primary goal of TheraSimplicity to reduce the need to photocopy, cut and paste.


It is TheraSimplicity’s vision to provide the highest quality of online tools, illustrations, worksheets, images, guides, explanations, reference materials and professional tools for therapists to prepare and individualize their therapy approaches and sessions.

Core Values
  • TheraSimplicity is committed to providing the highest quality materials to our users.
  • TheraSimplicity believes our users are best equipped to tell us what is needed and wanted within the TheraSimplicity site.
  • TheraSimplicity believes students are the future of our profession. TheraSimplicity commits to working with universities to provide TheraSimplicity services at no charge.
  • TheraSimplicity does not tell or prescribe a method of treatment. Rather, TheraSimplicity provides the materials for the therapist to couple with his/her training.