University Partnership Program

University Partnership… Working Together!

  • Registering universities must have an accredited Speech Language Pathology program.
  • A faculty member must initiate program enrollment.
  • One faculty member will be the appointed university representative for TheraSimplicity.
  • Universities participating in the TheraSimplicity partnership program are required to host a fifteen-minute training session on how to use TheraSimplicity once a year for new students. Training materials will be provided
  • All accounts associated with the university application must be assigned to a valid email address.
  • Any sharing of usernames or passwords by university students and/or faculty may result in the termination of the entire university's participation.
  • University reps will have the ability to add, delete and modify accounts as needed through an online TheraSimplicity tool. Links and instructions for using this tool will be provided at the time of enrollment.
  • TheraSimplicity reserves the right to discontinue the program at any time with a thirty day notice.